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Iron foundry NurkazMetal

The NurKazMetal iron foundry, for more than 15 years, has been a large manufacturer of products made of cast iron, aluminum and brass. We are one of the few leaders in the Kazakhstan market who make branded, high-quality products at prices below market prices. And he fulfills orders of any complexity, recreating any form.

In production, we pay careful attention to equipment. It is important for us to provide products with high technological parameters and within a strictly specified time frame.
Each of our products fully complies with GOST standards and is certified.

You receive a direct guarantee for a period of 5 years. This shows that we are confident in our craftsmen, and we do things “not haphazardly,” but conscientiously. When ordering impressive volumes (for example: 100 hatches), we will try to agree with you on the price.
Our plant has been chosen by leading companies for many years, such as: BI-Group, Bazis Construction LLP, OTAU GROUP LLP, ART Kurylys TOO.

We tirelessly, day after day, work on production:

Cast iron, high-strength hatches of types – “L” (light), “S” (medium), “T” (heavy), “TM” (main), and “ST” (super-heavy) of various modifications. We also fill products for a brick factory (trolley wheels, oven hatches);

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