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Plastic or cast iron sunroof?

Let’s first go back to the question – “Why is a sewer hatch necessary?”
First of all, ensure road safety. Secondly, create access to the communication system and last for many years.

What is the advantage of polymer-sand hatches? Probably only because of their cheapness. Therefore, if your choice fell on a plastic hatch, then remember the expression: “The miser pays twice.”

Of course, in parks or in green areas, you can resort to installing polymer-sand hatches. But, as practice shows, an unpleasant circumstance can arise here too. After all, a pedestrian’s sharp heel can easily get stuck in such a lid, or at worst, the kids will break through the lid with a stone. Let’s keep silent about the quality of the installation.
Contractors who purchase plastic hatches do not think about safety; their direct desire is to save money.

The superiority of cast iron is obvious. Firstly, it will last a long 20-30 years. This will significantly save your budget compared to polymer-sand hatches, which at first glance seem many times cheaper. Secondly, they fulfill their intended purpose according to GOST.

The NurKazMetal plant produces cast iron sewer manholes in accordance with GOST standards. Each product undergoes strict certification.

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