Production of hatches - fire-fighting, sewer, water supply and for heating mains, with a guarantee of up to 5 years. We carry out individual design of hatches of any complexity.

Our advantages

Low price

Prices are 20% below market prices. From the manufacturer, and without intermediaries.

Short deadlines

Production of hatches is carried out in a short time. We develop and produce hatches at our own factory in Shymkent.

Certificate " CT KZ”

100% compliance with the documentation. The certificate "ST KZ" proves that the products are manufactured and processed in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About the company

NurKazMetal iron foundry has been a major manufacturer of all types of hatches for more than 11 years.
It is enough to say that leading companies such as BI – Group, Bazis Construction LLP, OTAU GROUP LLP, TOO ART Kurylys have been cooperating with us for many years.
We are famous for our responsible approach to business, the ratio of price and quality, which are fully consistent with the standards of GOST.

What do we produce?

Cast-iron, high – strength hatches of types – “L” (light), “C” (medium), “T” (heavy), “TM” (mainline), and “ST” (superheavy) of various modifications. And also, we fill in products for the brick factory (trolley wheels, hatches for the furnace), rain receivers, cast iron products, blanks and housings. We produce every detail according to GOST standards.

Check out the characteristics of each type of manhole cover we produce:

Load classification according to EN 1433:

For the convenience of public utilities, the manhole cover is indicated by the letter:


About us

Our mission

Safe driving. Supply the streets and roadways of Kazakhstan with the production of strong cast-iron manholes We are targeting companies. It is important to us

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