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Our mission

  • Safe driving. Supply the streets and roadways of Kazakhstan with the production of strong cast-iron manholes
  • We are targeting companies. It is important to us that you are satisfied with our interaction.
  • We strive to become better. In our factory, we accept craftsmen only with the desire to work and improve their level of craft.

Characteristics of hatches according to GOST:

  • Light ” L “in GOST -” A15 ” – small-sized. It allows a load of 1.5 tons.  For green areas and pedestrian areas;
  • Medium “C “in GOST “B125” – allows a load of 12.5 tons. Designed for parking lots, sidewalks, and roadways of city parks;
  • Heavy “T “in GOST” 250 ” – allows a load of 25 tons. Designed for urban roads with heavy traffic;
  • Mainline ” TM “in GOST “D400” – allows a load of 40 tons. Designed for the main roadway;

For your convenience, you can read the designation of the manhole cover:

  • Water supply – “V ” or ” VK”;
  • Industrial and household sewerage – ” K ” or ” VK”;
  • Fire hydrant – ” PG”;
  • Telephone network – ” hatches of GTS” – hatches of Kazakhtelecom.
  • Heat network – ” TS”;
  • Gas network – ” GS”;