The hatch is light on a hinge with a locking locking device




Recommended installation location by GOST:

The area is surrounded by green spaces, a pedestrian zone. Parking lots, footpaths and carriageways are located in city parks. City highways, intensive traffic

Hatch design, its purpose and features

We offer you to buy a light hatch on a hinge with a locking locking device. NurKazMetal is a manufacturer of manholes, the main purpose of which is to provide easy access to sewage, cable, storm water, and pipeline sewers. The construction of this type is made of reliable and durable materials.

The main features that distinguish this hatch from those presented on the site include the fact that the hatch is recommended to be installed in the pedestrian zone A15, the adjacent territory without the passage of vehicles, the durability of the hatch is provided. When choosing a hatch for a specific case, you need to pay attention to the scope of application (load class). Fixing can take place with the help of a neck, in the soil, or directly in the well shaft.

When choosing products, you should definitely consider several points:

  • product material and shape;
  • expected load class;
  • installation location.

The main advantages of using:

Provide easy access to the sewer system.
This ensures the safe movement of vehicles/pedestrians/animals.
They have a long service life.
It is characterized by reliability and durability.
Aesthetically fit into the overall exterior.